Hello ,   This post is a bit overdue HOWEVER thats what happens when your a single mom working full time, your real passion (crochet) doesn't get enough love 😦 Weeeellllll ive finally finished the Deer Filet jacket! This jacket turned out exactly as i imagined and its WONDERFUL!!!!! I will be selling this pattern! [...]


New Love!

Hello All, Ive been thinking of trying new crafts along the same lines as crochet, or something using crochet. Ive recently tryed CROSS STITCH on crochet!!! Its SUPER DUPER easy! What I've done first is that i crochet a square 51stitches across and 50 rows up. After ive made the "canvas"  then I start the [...]

Rose Broche

Hello ,   Ive just finished my latest project - its a rose broche Bobble crochet - It was inspired quite literally from a wonderful little broche that I stumbled across while I was thrift shopping. This is the wonderful little broche. I originally finished it with no border    It didnt feel FULLY like [...]

Current Low Down

Hello All, I'm getting a head start on my Christmas crochet gifts this weekend!! Christmas ?!?!?! I know its like 30 degrees (Celsius) AMAZING weather , but yet here I am working away thinking about Christmas!!!!   Im Currently converting the vintage cameo wall hang that you see all over kristycrochets.com and my IG into [...]