The Mossy Temptation Beanie

Fellow Crocheters!!

I have been Wanting to make a Crochet Beanie for YEARS now, BUT the only problem is that I’m not really a fan of working in the round. Gasp you say? I know I know I just cant seem to get it Right, my seam is always showing, its on a slant, or its just straight up a hot mess!!

If you are like me and your Meh about working in the round well well well do I have the pattern for you.

You can snag a Much prettier PDF -Printable- version from me by contacting me at for $1.

Introducing The Mossy Temptation Beanie!!!!!!



This is a FREE pattern YES FREE PATTERN!!!! Make it, Share it , Sell your Finished product whatever you wish, Just be a friend and #mossytemptationbeanie and tag me @kristycrochets in your pictures.

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Crochet Hook Size : 5mm / H

Yarn: Use any type or colour that accommodates a 5mm crochet hook (worsted weight yarn)

Darning needle


Skill Level :  Easy



Leave a Long Tail, you’ll need it near the end!

Row 1 : Ch 67, HDC in 2nd  Ch from hook and in each Ch across, turn. – If you are more comfortable doing a HDC foundation chain by all means you can also do that, Just make sure it fits your head.


This size fits my head, do your foundation chain try it around your head and see if it fits if  needs be bigger add more chains if it needs to be smaller, then take some chains away, this is a pattern that the number of chains isn’t a make or break!


Row 2: Ch 2 Rotate FLHDC and BLHDC until the end of the row

Row 3 : Ch 2 if the next stitch on the on the previous row is a FLHDC then you would do a BLHDC or vice-versa then Rotate FLHDC and BLHDC In each stitch across until the last stitch then the last one is just a HDC.


Now rotate Row 3 until you have made your work 10 inches in length.


Ch 2 HDC2TOG once -if the stitch after the second HDC2TOG on the previous row is a FLHDC then you would do a BLHDC or vice-versa- then Rotate FLHDC and BLHDC In each stitch across until you have 2 stitches remaining then HDC2TOG. Repeat this row 5 more times, for a total of 6 Decreasing Rows.


Tie off.


This is a VERY un-conventional way of making a Beanie I know I know, but bear with me!


Lay work Flat – so that your FOUNDIATION ROW is closest to you. Fold work in half and attach together up from the foundation row to the last decrease row with that long tail you had while casing on your starting chain, if you didn’t leave a long tail that no worries just sew together with another piece. In no specific way of attaching, if you attach with a slip stitch that’s fine, if you like to attach by stitching that’s fine, do what you like to do. BE SURE TO TURN BEANIE INSIDE OUT so that the seam you just stitched up is on the inside. Do not tie off


Do a whip stitch through every other HDC around the last Decrease row, now pull the strand tight to make the beanie gather for the top, don’t pull to hard you’ll break your string. I usually just sew the hole shut in about 3 different ways after creating a knot, if you bring the end into the inside of the beanie you’ll be able to tie a knot in the left over end of the last decrease row. I just tied a couple knots and then trimmed the yarn


Sew in the ends – if you have them- then your DONE!


Make a Pom Pom and TAAADAAAAA you now have the Mossy Temptation Beanie.

Share it with everyone you know! But please be sure to be a email follower on my blog, you’ll get notified each time I make a blog post – more free beanie patterns to come!




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