STITCH-O-NARY | Cross stitch on crochet



Ive recently came across the ability to cross stitch on crochet! Its amazing and super easy and if you have read my last blog post you can see that it actually makes a REALLY neat look!  I’ve NEVER cross stitched before and I mean it cant be rocket science right?

WELL I am going to do a super quick explanation on how to do it, if you would like a more in-depth explanation then please comment below and Ill make a video and upload it!.

Basically all you do is make your “canvas” this essentially will be a swatch of plan old Jane single crochet.

Then each stitch has basically 4 holes around it, and this is what you want to use as your GRID, it seems more complex then it actually is- ill post a picture below.



2 thoughts on “STITCH-O-NARY | Cross stitch on crochet

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this but I’ve never done cross stitch so I thought it would be complicated. I should give it a try because it does look really pretty!! 😀


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