OH DEER| Filet Motif


Hello All,

Ive been working fearlessly on this Deer Filet Motif, it is a piece of a LARGER and GREATER project!!


I love the look of Animals on clothes, and this is no exception! the vision I have in my mind for this piece is hopefully going to come to life perfectly!

I will be posting my progress on this project under the tab on the home page called “Crochet Patterns in the Making” this is the “OH DEER” edition.


Untill next time, cheers!


7 thoughts on “OH DEER| Filet Motif

  1. Wow I love this! Filet crochet is beautiful but I’ve really only seen flowers or hearts. I love how you are being so creative with different designs!! πŸ˜€


      1. I did and it’s spectacular!!! I really love your creative thinking with the filet!! I have a mini-plan forming to make some new curtains for my kitchen using a filet design but haven’t decided yet what I would want for a motif. I’ll keep looking at your work for inspiration!! πŸ˜€

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