12 Day Beanie CAL

Helloooooo !!! There was such good feedback with the Mossy Temptation Beanie ive decided to do a   "12 Day Beanie CAL"   Each day for 12 consecutive days starting DECEMBER 1st 2017 ill be posting FOR FREEEEE a CAL for beanies!!! each beanie will have a Specific name and each will be Beginner or [...]


The Mossy Temptation Beanie

Fellow Crocheters!! I have been Wanting to make a Crochet Beanie for YEARS now, BUT the only problem is that I'm not really a fan of working in the round. Gasp you say? I know I know I just cant seem to get it Right, my seam is always showing, its on a slant, or [...]


Hello ,   This post is a bit overdue HOWEVER thats what happens when your a single mom working full time, your real passion (crochet) doesn't get enough love 😦 Weeeellllll ive finally finished the Deer Filet jacket! This jacket turned out exactly as i imagined and its WONDERFUL!!!!! I will be selling this pattern! [...]

New Love!

Hello All, Ive been thinking of trying new crafts along the same lines as crochet, or something using crochet. Ive recently tryed CROSS STITCH on crochet!!! Its SUPER DUPER easy! What I've done first is that i crochet a square 51stitches across and 50 rows up. After ive made the "canvas" Β then I start the [...]

OH DEER | Filet Motif – JACKET!!!!

HEYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hopefully you can measure my excitement on number of explanation marks used!! πŸ™‚ Im suuuupppppper excited to share that the OH DEER is actually a Jacket pattern. Now now , the pattern IS completely written ( by yours truly) and I am finishing up the second sleeve tonight and Im going to sew [...]