OH DEER | Filet Motif – JACKET!!!!

HEYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So hopefully you can measure my excitement on number of explanation marks used!! 🙂 Im suuuupppppper excited to share that the OH DEER is actually a Jacket pattern. Now now , the pattern IS completely written ( by yours truly) and I am finishing up the second sleeve tonight and Im going to sew [...]


Rose Broche

Hello ,   Ive just finished my latest project - its a rose broche Bobble crochet - It was inspired quite literally from a wonderful little broche that I stumbled across while I was thrift shopping. This is the wonderful little broche. I originally finished it with no border    It didnt feel FULLY like [...]

Current Low Down

Hello All, I'm getting a head start on my Christmas crochet gifts this weekend!! Christmas ?!?!?! I know its like 30 degrees (Celsius) AMAZING weather , but yet here I am working away thinking about Christmas!!!!   Im Currently converting the vintage cameo wall hang that you see all over kristycrochets.com and my IG into [...]